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        Website Name

        Home > Product > Inner Heating Dry Needle Therapy Units > Inner Heating Dry Needle Therapy Units

        Inner Heating Dry Needle Therapy Units

        Home > Product > Inner Heating Dry Needle Therapy Units > Inner Heating Dry Needle Therapy Units
        1. ZAMT-7140 Inner Heating Dry Needle Therapy Unit
        2. ZAMT-7140 Inner Heating Dry Needle Therapy Unit
        3. ZAMT-7140 Inner Heating Dry Needle Therapy Unit

        Product Name:ZAMT-7140 Inner Heating Dry Needle Therapy Unit

        Product Model:dry needle,acupuncture,warm needling,TCM

        1. Introduction
        2. Features & Specifications
        3. Package
        4. Other Info

        Inner Heating Dry Needle Therapy Unit with Integrated Design of

        heating, Temperature Measuring & Control and Electric Stimulation

        ZAMT-7140 Inner Heating Dry Needle Therapy Unit

        This device consists of a main unit and its accessories. The accessories include: inner heated dry needle and temperature measurement and control cable harness with 2-wire channel. There is a built-in temperature sensor and an electric heating wire in each dry needle, which is detachable from the cable harness.

        Using the patented 2-wire channel temperature measurement and control and electrical stimulation technology by Qianyan Medical, the temperature values of the 40-way dry needle can be independently set, measured, controlled and displayed. The therapeutic target temperature value is precisely controlled within the set safe treatment threshold range, and the electrical stimulation function is provided. The external plate is a common end, and the frequency, pulse width, current and running time parameters of the electrical stimulation can be manually set and the program runs automatically.

        For example, in the heating treatment mode, after the dry needle is percutaneously inserted into the treatment site, the electrical stimulation program is started before the needle body is heated, and the circular electrical stimulation is automatically performed on the 40-way target point, and the needle position is judged by observing the patient's response when stimulated, thus to avoid possible thermal damage to sensitive nerves and to improve the safety and effectiveness of clinical treatment.


        40-way individual needle temperature setting and control

        40-way individual needle temperature display

        40-way low frequency electrical stimulation

        2 China national invention patens obtained:

        • A type of Internal heating acupuncture needle with temperature measurement function and its temperature measurement & heating device (patent number: ZL201510539167.X)

        •  The temperature measurement and heating method for a type of internally heated acupuncture needles with temperature measurement function(patent number: ZL201811391382.X)

        Automatic Inspection & Precise Control of 40-way Target Point Temperature


        Inner Heating Dry Needle Specifications

        Needle Body Diameter

        (d, mm)

        Needle Body Length (L1, mm)

        Option 1

        Option 2













        Note:Needle handle diameter (D) is 1.5mm,needle handle length (L2) is 40mm


        Power supply: AC220V 50Hz

        Safety type: Class I BF

        Power cord: single-phase three-wire (L+N+PE), length 2.9 meters

        Input power: 160VA

        Fuse: T2AL250V

        Single needle output power: 1.0W±20% @20Ω

        Temperature measurement range: 30 ° C ~ 70 ° C

        Temperature control range: 38 ° C ~ 50 ° C

        Temperature measurement relative error: ±1.0 °C

        Temperature control relative error: ±1.5 °C

        Temperature control timing: 60s ~ 1800s

        Electrical stimulation frequency: 1HZ ~ 10HZ / 100HZ ~ 200HZ

        Electrical stimulation pulse width: 0.1ms ~ 3ms

        Electrical stimulation current: 0-2.5Ma

        Ambient temperature: 5 ° C ~ 40 ° C

        Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa ~ 106kPa

        Relative humidity: ≤85%


        Without Trolley521mmx436mmx353mm

        The device should be protected from upside-down, collision and rain during transportation.

        Packing List

        • Therapy Unit Host 1pcs

        • Instruction manual 1pcs

        • Power cord 1pcs

        • Inspection Certificate 1pcs

        • Inner Heat Dry Needles 100pcs, can be adjusted according to actual needs

        • Warranty Card 1pcs

        • Connecting lines 10pcs, can be adjusted according to actual needs

        Product Name:ZAMT-7140 Inner Heating Dry Needle Therapy Unit

        Company:Zibo Qianyan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

         Registration No.: SFDA No. 20192200732

        Copyright 2005-2019, Zibo Qianyan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

        Zibo Qianyan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.  ICP No.:SDICP14007146-1     

        “前沿”is our company’s registered trademark, and our company owns the permanent copyright of “未.jpg", no individual or organization may use them without permission.

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